St. Albert Rotary Music Festival
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Awards & Scholarships

Awards & Scholarships

The Adjudicator(s) Recommend the Recipients of All Scholarships

The St. Albert Festival offers awards and scholarships which are sponsored by the members of the St. Albert Rotary Club and by the Club itself. Please see Rotary Club Awards and Scholarships →

The Lyle Moore Scholarship Class → is also sponsored by the St. Albert Rotary Club. 

As well, the Club subsidizes Provincial Festival entries as follows: Recommendations to the Provincial Festival:

  • The St. Albert Rotary Club pays half the entry fees.
  • Available to any participant
  • There are no residence restrictions for these recommendations.
  • Exception: There are no classes offered at the Provincial Festival for Band, Ukulele or Fiddle.

We also offer awards and scholarships which are sponsored by local businesses and individuals. We gratefully acknowledge them under Community Awards →