St. Albert Rotary Music Festival

Rotary Club of St. Albert Awards 2021

Rotary Club Awards

Charlie Schroder with an Award recipient Laszlo Szojka with three Award recipients

The Adjudicator(s) Recommend the Recipients of All Scholarships

Provided at the Junior ($100)Intermediate ($150), and Senior ($200) levels to participants in the Festival disciplines listed below, who reside and/or study in St. Albert or the surrounding municipal districts (not including Edmonton). 

Rarely, when a scholarship recipient cannot be identified who is eligible according to the residence restriction, another performer may receive the scholarship at the discretion of the adjudicator.

Musical Theatre (Junior/Int/Senior)
Classical Vocal (Junior/Int/Senior)

Contemporary Vocal (Junior/Int/Senior)
Brass/Woodwind (Junior/Int/Senior)
Strings (Junior/Int/Senior)
Piano Plan I (Junior/Int/Senior)
Piano Plan II (Junior/Int/Senior)
Piano Plan II  Classical (Junior/Int/Senior)
General Piano ($100 Preparatory/$100 Adult)        
Fiddle (Novice/Intermediate)
Ukulele (Solo 7-12/Solo 13 & Over/Group)